Marin Lofts
Carrara Place

Marin Lofts

Marin Lofts brings dynamic new living opportunities to home buyers in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area.

Whether in the form of a subdivision or infill project, multi-unit development meets a critical housing need, particularly in California, by adding homes near jobs and transportation.

There is an art to doing it right, however. At Porter Development, the same demanding design principles we bring to our custom homes apply to our multi-unit projects. To ensure success, we usually undertake significant site improvements. Our architecture meshes with the existing location and neighboring buildings. Interior finishes and features are carefully selected by our in-house interior design staff. In many cases, our luxury subdivisions and lofts surpass what other developers consider "custom."

All too often, multi-unit projects are built with little regard for quality or the surrounding community. Porter Development builds differently. We see multi-unit as a way to bring dynamic new living opportunities to rapidly growing areas. To see how we've done it, click on any on the accompanying projects.



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