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Much of the value of working with Porter Development comes from the fact that we can completely manage every phase of the development process. To do that, we employ experts at each and every stage. Finance professionals. Construction managers. Interior designers. Many on our staff grew their skills for years at specialized firms before joining Porter Development. Some have been with us since our inception.

Having such an accomplished team under one roof leads to valuable collaboration. And beautiful results.

Meet the team.

Damon Porter

Damon brings an uncommon breadth of experience to his role as the president of Porter Development. He has developed buildings ranging from architecturally significant custom homes to subdivisions and retail complexes. Like his firm, he provides guidance in every stage of the development process by combining an expertise in real estate finance with strong architectural background.

Bob Porter
Director of Construction

Bob, who heads up Porter Development's production and operations, has a deep expertise in construction and development. He has over 25 years of industry experience leading construction projects.

Lillian Needham
Director of Finance

The officer in charge of Porter Development's financial operations, Lillian oversees all aspects of company and project accounting, including construction loans. She works closely with clients and investors to ensure timely cash flow.

Stevens Wilson
Director of Design

A veteran of the prestigious design-build firm Tamaro Architecture in Manhattan Beach, Stevens' abilities extend beyond designing architecturally significant homes to adding a valuable voice to the development and construction processes.

Jennifer Porter
Director of Interior Design

Jennifer is responsible for the interior design of all homes designed and built by the Porter Development team. She also works with many private clients throughout Southern California.

Michael Morris
Director of Acquisitions

Michael has recently taken on the role of Business Development at WPD. As a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Marketing and Management, Michael has excelled in International sales and acquisitions for the past six years with the Walt Disney Company. Michael, formally head of U.S. sales for British based company Quintessentially, has now brought his worldwide sales experience to Porter Development.

Advisory Board

James Porter, AIA
Managing Partner
Altoon + Porter Architects

The leader of the internationally renowned architecture firm, James consults with Porter Development on architectural design. His 33 years of experience encompass virtually every building type, including large mixed-use projects, historic restorations and high-rise housing and office buildings.

Samuel Bachner
La Mancha Development Company

For over 30 years, Sam and his firm have developed and constructed housing, retail and office projects throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. He consults with Porter Development on pre-development planning, risk analysis and project capitalization.

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